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Put your health first

How can you take care of yourself if you're not well? Let alone, take care of others? Our health is the number one most important thing that we should look after. Take time every day to do at least one healthy thing for yourself.

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It's time to experiment :)

Experiment with new foods! Do you have a favorite meal that you used to eat before starting your new journey? Try using plant based options that can mock it! I promise, you wont be disappointed. Happy Eating!

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Drink More Water...

Drink more water! Our bodies are made up mostly of water and our major organs need it to function. Alkalize your spring water by squeezing a key lime in it. Happy Drinking!

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Give yourself credit

Stop, and take a moment. Look how far you've come on your journey! Don't forget to give yourself credit and celebrate your hard work. You DESERVE IT! 

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This is the goal...

The goal is to get healthier! Start off your journey by giving up processed foods and added sugars, as chemicals and sugar can be detrimental to your health. 

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