The Eat To Live! Project

Growing up, I have been exposed to many people who have experienced tragic consequences to their health from the lack of education, tools and resources to take care of themselves. After watching my aunt lose her life from cancer, I decided that I had a sole responsibility to help those who need to take the next step in their journey to healthy and abundant living. Prosperiteez Clothing, LLC was then created as a form of activism to spread the message about veganism and healthy living. With the funds from Prosperiteez, The Eat To Live! Project was born. A percentage of the profits from Prosperiteez Clothing has been used to help individuals in need, while working tirelessly to find ways to grow the The Eat To Live! Project on a larger scale to help more people on a continuous basis. 

Mission: To educate individuals in low income communities and food deserts about different ways to improve their health. This may include stress management practices, nutrition and lifestyle advice, providing healthy food items to individuals in need, providing resources and many other activities that fall under the self care umbrella. The overall goal is to reduce the amount of chronic illnesses that are continuously plaguing impoverished communities. 

If you are local to Raleigh, North Carolina and may know of a community that needs help, please contact me:

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