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It’s that time of year when things cool down and it’s time to begin preparing for the fall and winter weather. This particular time of the year is hard, as well as dangerous for homeless individuals. Prosperiteez Clothing, LLC is partnering with Cheers To Today and Good Vibes Only to take care of the homeless this fall! Our goal is to prepare them for the cold weather by providing items such as Jackets, underwear, socks, hygiene products, etc. If you are unable to donate any items, please help us by donating to our GoFundMe. Your donations will be going towards food and utensils that we will use to cook and feed them during this event. We will create ALKALINE vegan meals, choosing foods from this list and meals will be created by Chef Charisma, who will be donating her time and services to cook! 
Every cent counts, and there is no donation too large or too small. We need all donations no later than November 1st, so that we can spend the rest of the week preparing for this event. Thank you in advance for your help!


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