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Eat To Live!

THEY don't want you to be healthy…

Many low income neighborhoods are riddled with corner stores, liquor stores and restaurants full of processed foods that are slowly killing us and causing the disease and illness that you hear about today. The markets that have fresh produce are either too far to access or overpriced, making it easier for people to run back to the unhealthy foods that they know. The Eat To Live!  Project will be dedicated to providing fresh produce to low income neighborhoods that don’t have the Safeway around the corner or the Whole Foods up the block. We all deserve a fair chance at living healthy lives. It’s our right, and we need to fight back for our health! Our goal is to visit many neighborhoods in different states and provide them with fresh produce that they aren’t able to get on a regular basis.

 Sign up to Volunteer or Donate for the cause! YOUR SUPPORT IS APPRECIATED! EAT TO LIVE!

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