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The Eat To Live! Project

Thanks to YOU, your t-shirt purchases and donations, word of mouth and well wishes, we raised well over $600 for The Eat To Live Project! On November 5th, I partnered up with Finishing Touches Culinary to feed 100+ less fortunate individuals hot and delicious Vegan meals. Items such as clothing, hats, gloves, blankets, etc were sponsored by Cheers to Today, LLC, Good Vibes Only and In Gods Time, LLC. The turnout was magnificent! I was able to speak with everyone from other Non - profit organizations and churches about the importance of Veganism and how it can change our health and the earth!  Stay tuned for more photos from this event! :)

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Please donate!

  It’s that time of year when things cool down and it’s time to begin preparing for the fall and winter weather. This particular time of the year is hard, as well as dangerous for homeless individuals. Prosperiteez Clothing, LLC is partnering with Cheers To Today and Good Vibes Only to take care of the homeless this fall! Our goal is to prepare them for the cold weather by providing items such as Jackets, underwear, socks, hygiene products, etc. If you are unable to donate any items, please help us by donating to our GoFundMe. Your donations will be going towards food and utensils that we will use to cook and feed them during this event. We will create ALKALINE...

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Eat To Live!

THEY don't want you to be healthy… Many low income neighborhoods are riddled with corner stores, liquor stores and restaurants full of processed foods that are slowly killing us and causing the disease and illness that you hear about today. The markets that have fresh produce are either too far to access or overpriced, making it easier for people to run back to the unhealthy foods that they know. The Eat To Live!  Project will be dedicated to providing fresh produce to low income neighborhoods that don’t have the Safeway around the corner or the Whole Foods up the block. We all deserve a fair chance at living healthy lives. It’s our right, and we need to fight back for our health! Our...

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